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Occupational Diseases That Are Covered by Workers’ Compensation

occupational diseases attorney | Gaylord & Nantais

Workers’ Compensation for the Coronavirus

Many essential workers have a considerably higher risk of contracting the Coronavirus. Even if they take every precaution, they may still have to deal with having a mild form of the virus. Because of their increased risk, many employers are ensuring that their employees get the workers’ compensation they need. However, sometimes this may not be enough.

It’s important to ensure that the coverage you receive through your employer is adequate and that you are also receiving compensation for time spent in quarantine. With the Coronavirus pandemic, the amount resulting from lost wages can be staggering.

What Health Conditions Qualify

Repetitive Motion and Overuse Injuries

Repetitive motion and overuse injuries are commonly referred to as “tendonitis.” These types of injuries can result in chronic pain and inflammation if not properly treated. The problem with these kinds of injuries is that if you want them to truly heal, you need to stop performing the activity that is causing it. This often means changing jobs after you receive treatment.

With workers’ compensation, your employer would cover your training cost and allow you to fulfill the requirements that are needed to change jobs. This transition may or may not require additional training, but having the option to receive a new skill should never be turned down.

Pre-existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions like asthma, allergies, and other upper respiratory conditions can increase your risk of contracting the coronavirus or mesothelioma. If you are diagnosed with a pre-existing condition and eventually experience a work-related illness that adds to the problem, you will need to hire a workers’ compensation attorney to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Some other health conditions may be as follows:

  • Hearing loss – Exposure to constant loud noises over an extended period of time
  • Heart disease – Working for several years in a high-stress environment commonly leads to high blood pressure and heart disease
  • Lymphoma – Is common in people who have worked for several years in the pest control industry

If you have been diagnosed with any of the above diseases and want to be considered for a workers’ compensation claim, you only have a limited time to file the claim. The type of disease will determine the specific amount of time.

With the right attorney, you will be able to get the medical treatment you need to regain your health. Your attorney can help you navigate the workers’ compensation process so you can get the compensation you deserve.

If you have worked in any of these environments or have health issues that are related to specific types of jobs, contact the attorneys at Gaylord & Nantais and find out if you are within your rights to file a workers’ compensation claim. They will tell you what is required for you to file a claim and the time frame in which the claim must be filed.


Picture of Thomas M. Nantais

Thomas M. Nantais

Thomas M. Nantais is the Partner of Gaylord & Nantais, a legal firm specializing in workers’ compensation, in the state of California. This firm deals in getting hearing loss compensation and work related injuries compensation for those who have worked in the state of California. With his sincere efforts, Thomas is committed to meet the highest standards of the legal industry, and aims to provide the clients with an honest and aggressive representation.

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