3 Cases When Worker’s Comp Covers Injuries During a Commute

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People face the risk of accidents on their daily commute to work, but injuries caused during such accidents are not typically covered under workers’ compensation laws. However, there are certain exceptions when a worker who is injured while commuting to work can successfully file for a compensation claim.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage: Are the Self Employed Eligible?

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People who are self-employed may not benefit from certain types of insurance like an employee would. If you are self-employed or an independent contractor, the cost of covering yourself with a Workers’ Compensation policy may be so high that it isn’t really worth the effort or the expense.

8 Jobs That Are Not Covered Under Worker’s Compensation

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Worker’s compensation policy took hold in United Sates in 1911, when Wisconsin became the first state to develop a system that focused on compensating injured workers without the need to resort legal action. This law was rapidly adapted by other states to ensure that workers should receive prompt medical attention and reasonable compensation for injuries while they were on job. Employers and employee both embraced this new policy as it reduced the odds of lawsuits and uncertain financial consequences. However, there are certain workers and jobs that aren’t covered under worker’s compensation policy due to different reasons.

What Are Worker’s Compensation Benefits for NFL Players?

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Professional athletes who play for the NFL and other nationally recognized sports teams face specific problems when it comes to worker’s compensation. Professional athletes who are injured during the performance of their duties receive different benefits according to the type of injury they receive. Acute or specific injuries will provide one type of benefit, while cumulative injuries offer other options.

Top 10 Violated OSHA Standards of 2016

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In 2016, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) determined that 10 of their standards and guidelines were violated more times than many of the others. They found that companies violated the guidelines in all or part, on a regular basis. The OSHA guidelines are in place to ensure each employee has a safe environment in which to perform their duties.