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Appealing a Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim: Steps and Strategies.

Steps and Strategies to File a Denied Workers' Compensation Claim. | GN

When an employer or insurer stands against a claim, it is refused under California workers’ compensation. Typically, they use excuses like missing deadlines, ailments unrelated to the job, insufficient documentation, or incomplete medical records.

For several reasons, including insufficient evidence, delayed filing, arguments over the nature of the injury in the workplace, a lack of medical records, and pre-existing conditions, California workers’ compensation claims are routinely refused. However, the first phase of denying a workers’ compensation application in California is outlined in Labor Code Section 5401, which outlines the procedures for reviewing and rejecting claims. The California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) has the authority to render decisions in certain cases regarding appeals and denied workers’ comp claims. Gaylord & Nantais’ attorneys at Law are always here and active to help if you have any inquiries about “How can I sue my employer for denying workers comp” in California.

Here’s a detailed overview of the legal procedure to appeal for a denied workers’ compensation claim in California:

  • Recognize the Denial Reason: Carefully read the denial letter to ascertain the grounds for denying your claim. Having this knowledge is essential to crafting a compelling appeal.
  • File an Application for Adjudication of Claim: Submit a claim denial appeal to the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) by getting the services of a lawyer for workers’ comp. This starts the legal procedure and officially states your intent to appeal. This form can be sent to the regional WCAB district office.
  • Submit a Declaration: Signing a Declaration of Readiness to Proceed (DOR) is the first step in asking a workers’ compensation court to have a hearing. This is a necessary step to strengthen your appeals for denied workers’ compensation claims.
  • Compile and Provide Supporting Evidence: Assemble all relevant data, including witness statements, medical records, and any further evidence supporting your denied workers’ compensation claim. When submitting these documents to the WCAB, make sure you have them ready for your hearing.
  • Participate in the Hearings: Talk with the insurer about the possibility of settling the issue by attending a Mandatory Settlement Conference (MSC). If a settlement cannot be reached, your case will be heard in official proceedings before a workers’ compensation court.  
  • Appoint a Best Workers’ Comp Lawyer: Get an accomplished attorney to help you with your appeal for a denied workers’ compensation claim. To improve your chances of success, a lawyer may assist you in navigating the complexity of the appeals process, obtain and present evidence, and defend you at hearings.

How do workers’ compensation lawyers at Gaylord & Nantais fight for denied claims in California?

The Gaylord & Nantais Attorneys at Law are dedicated to defending the legal rights of individuals in California who have had their workers’ compensation claims rejected. Our workers’ comp lawyers are aware of how stressful and expensive it can be for injured workers and their families to have a claim dismissed. The following actions are taken by our committed team of workers’ compensation attorneys in California to defend clients whose claims have been rejected zealously:

  • Comprehensive Case Review
  • Filing Appeals
  • Evidence Preparation
  • Representation at Hearings
  • Negotiation and Settlement


The denial of a workers’ comp claim is a stressful incident, but more stressful is being stuck in a few related queries involving “what happens to medical bills when workers’ comp is denied, how what to do if insurance denies the claim”, “when to hire a workers’ comp lawyer”, “where should I get a lawyer for workers’ comp”, etc. If you are also going through the phase of claim denial in the Golden State and have similar queries you must consult with the Gaylord & Nantais Attorneys at Law right at (562) 561-2669 today. Our proficient legal professionals are just here to feed you with the answers to all your concerns, along with the highly effective legal remedies to file an appeal against the claim denial and get the workers’ compensation claim you deserve.


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Thomas M. Nantais

Thomas M. Nantais is the Partner of Gaylord & Nantais, a legal firm specializing in workers’ compensation, in the state of California. This firm deals in getting hearing loss compensation and work related injuries compensation for those who have worked in the state of California. With his sincere efforts, Thomas is committed to meet the highest standards of the legal industry, and aims to provide the clients with an honest and aggressive representation.

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