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7 Important Safety Tips to Prevent Workplace Accidents

important safety tips | Gaylord & Nantais

Here are 7 safety tips to prevent workplace injuries:

  1. Identify Potential Hazards
    Identify potential hazards in the workplace and eliminate them. If something is broken, make sure it gets fixed promptly. Notify maintenance or if it is something you can take care of do so before you leave the area.
  2. Understand the Benefits of Ergonomics
    Ergonomics is the study of making an area functional, but comfortable. Design your work area so that things are easy to find and close to where they will be used.
  3. Always Use Protective Gear
    Always use protective eyewear, gloves, aprons, or any other piece of equipment that is called for. Companies provide protective gear for a reason. It is important to make good use of them, especially when working with hazardous chemicals or flying debris.
  4. Ask for Input From the Employees
    The employees are on the front lines when it comes to preventing accidents and keeping their work area safe. Ask for their opinion and use their input to create a safer, more functional work environment.
  5. Teach Proper Lifting Techniques
    Make sure employees know and understand the importance of using proper lifting techniques. Teach proper lifting techniques to all employees who have lifting as a part of their job description.
  6. Reduces Stress
    Reducing stress in the workplace is important. Keeping stress levels low allows employees to function more efficiently and put more effort into their jobs instead of their emotions.
  7. Stay Active!
    Stay active during the day. Take a few minutes every hour and stretch. During your breaks, take a short walk to get the blood flowing. Stretching is a great way to relieve excess stress and it will give you a short energy boost.


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